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Some of the sites we've worked on:


Adirondack Aikido

Adirondack Aikido is a martial arts dojo, reaching out beyond their immediate region, preparing for acceptance of students from a wider geography. As they do so, their promotional efforts have changed, now depending more heavily on the web as a primary communication medium. In addition, Adirondack Aikido requires an online image that appropriately supports their reputation as one of New York State's finest, most respectable Aikido dojos.

We were pleased to provide Adirondack Aikido with a quality site design, as well as our WMW Site Worx package as a means of managing the site, keeping in contact with their students, and self-maintaining their online image.

Special congratulations from WMW to ADK Aikido on their successful run to date here in Northern New York.

The Academy at Ivy Ridge

The Academy at Ivy Ridge is a special purpose boarding school in Northern New York. In December of 2003, AIR was hoping to enhance their image, as well as reduce the amount of time required to maintain their well-travelled website.

AIR's primary customers, or visitors, are parents of students attending school at AIR. As you can imagine, parents who may be separated from their kids by hundreds or even thousands of miles tend to be very sensitive about their ability to keep in touch with the school. So the folks at AIR were quite clear about their need to keep up appearances, maintain freshness, and to keep a steady stream of useful and valuable information available to the customers.

The Academy Ivy Ridge envisioned a website that would promote a favorable image of the school and its many resources while enhancing their accessibility to parents. They wanted to help parents feel as though they were in touch with their child's activities at the Academy, but the site could not be costly or time-consuming to maintain.

WMW built AIR a custom Content Mangagement System, complete with photo gallery, news posting, page and section management, security and user management, Email marketing capabilities, a calendar of events, and a whole lot more. The tools provided by the CMS make the site easy to maintain on a very regular basis, and the many site features, determined by the marketing plan WMW prepared prior to the start of the project, help parents feel that they are "in the loop".

In June 2004, the Academy at Ivy Ridge opened its online doors to a flood of new visitors, all anxious to see the new AIR online.

Massena Savings & Loan

Massena Savings & Loan is a very friendly, customer-focused bank in Massena, New York. MSL has served the banking needs of their local community since 1924, and they are known well for treating their customers like friends rather than targets.

MSL's previous site was a benefit to their customers in that it provided basic but useful information, and a gateway into MSL's online banking service. However, the design required a slight update to reflect the developing image of the bank, and maintenance of the site's effective rates pages was difficult. Web Marketing Worx's challenge then, was to freshen the look, incorporating design elements that matched the color scheme and atmosphere of the MSL building itself, and also to create a quick, easy-to-use, secure interface for MSL personnel to update select content within the site.

We studied the design elements and spoke with MSL about the simplest way for them to keep their data fresh. The resulting site is not only attractive, but it also represents Massena Savings & Loan accurately. In addition, the increasing number of online and automated services found at MSL are easy to access, and ready to expand. Online banking access, check reordering, current rate info, printable rate sheets, all can be found at massenasavingsloan.com.


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