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Who is Web Marketing Worx?

WMW is actually not a who, but a what.

Web Marketing Worx started out as a small, part-time web design and hosting company in 1998. Since then, WMW has become a larger, full-time operation, focusing on providing a range of solutions specifically targeted for small to mid-sized organizations in need of a simple, economical means of getting their name online.

Our first client: Town of Colton, ca. September 2000
Our first client: Town of Colton, ca. September 2000

WMW is now a suite of web presence solution services, provided by the Canton, NY-based firm, Haenel Communication Technologies.

Experience, not just Good Intentions.

There are many firms providing hosting and design services for the web. Even in our home region, the great North Country of Northern New York State, the number of shops providing these services is expanding monthly, perhaps weekly.

WMW Website ca. September 2001
Our website, ca. September 2001

What makes HCT and our WMW suite different? We know the internet.

We've been professionally involved in web and internet technology for over a decade, practically since the World Wide Web was born (well, sort of...)! Our in-house staff has been personally responsible for managing and implementing projects executed by substantial professional organizations around the USA.

WMW Website ca. September 2001
Our website, ca. November 2003

We've created websites, software applications, and intranets. We've built and managed administrative databases and content management systems, as well as directing corporate marketing programs and creating advertising campaigns.

YES! We can.

HCT's basic philosophy of meeting challenges is, "Yes". When asked if we can do it, the answer is always the same. But how can this be possible?

Haenel Communication Technologies' team members consist of experienced web professionals, marketing and management experts, and internet technology specialists.

HCT's associates in the Design, Development, Internet Technology, Marketing, Management, and even Metrology fields are many. There are few jobs too small or too large for us to consider, mostly due to our ability to count on our friends across many different industries and disciplines.


Haenel Comunication Technologies' principal, Bill Haenel, has a broad range of business and technology experience, focused primarily on managment of people, projects and technology.

Mr. Haenel's sales and operations management experience began in 1992. Since then, Bill has personally been responsible for the management and implementation of sales, marketing, advertising and technology plans and projects of a range of scopes and types, leading multi-million dollar organizations to multi-million dollar successes.

1996 was the year Bill began serving as Marketing Manager for industrial testing instruments manufacturer, Defelsko Corporation. For nearly four years, Bill developed and managed the company's marketing campaigns on a national and international scale. In the time Bill spent at DeFelsko, the company moved forward in great steps, refining their campaigns, products and image in a very successful manner. DeFelsko's website grew from a small, basic business card site to one of the best and most informative in their field. Bill took the lead on projects involving advertising, brochure and catalog development, packaging, product design and development, and of course sales and promotion.

In 2000, Bill began working as Web Manager for North Country Public Radio. In this capacity, Bill led the station through the process of determining how to best create, maintain and market their presence online, from the ground up.

NCPR's extraordinary success online was recognized by the public broadcasting field as a whole, by both large and small stations, by industry groups and leaders, and by National Public Radio. As a result, Bill was asked to participate in an elite group of station representatives as NPR's online station advisory panel.

In addition, Bill's success designing and developing affordable content management solutions for small public broadcasters resulted in invitations to speak and consult on the subject at the industry's annual internet-focused iMa conference, and the National Federation of Community Broadcasters' 2005 Community Radio Conference.

Open source software projects have been a primary focus of Bill's career over the past few years. During Bill's term at NCPR, he designed and developed the Public Media Manager, an open source CMS specifically for public broadcasters. In addition, Bill was one of the leaders involved in establishing the Open Source Broadcasting group, a team of public broadcasting and web professionals from stations and organizations around the US. The OSB group's objective is to advocate the use of open source software and standards as the backbone of technology used within public broadcasting online.

North Country Values

The North Country region of Northern New York State is a remote, but unique area of our country. Our history is based on integrity, endurance, work ethic and high moral fortitude. Our rugged terrain and weather builds a strong, dependable human being, prepared for the humanity of the local community, but ready for the challenges of the world.

We are proud, native residents of the Great North Country, and we feel it is our responsibility to bring our backgound to the conference table, both within and outside our region.

Final Words: Thank You!

We couldn't provide the level of service and support that we have over the years without our many partners, partners just like you!

For more information on our background and how we may help your organization reach its goals, no matter how limited or how lofty, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

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