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Some of the sites we've released:


More sites we've worked on:


Price Commander

Kunoco Unlimited is a division of the local North Country firm, Kuno Oil, Inc. Kunoco Unlimited sells computers and computer parts and accessories to a local and national market. Their extensive network of suppliers, distributors and tech resources makes them one of the best places to buy computers and components.

Kunoco Unlimited knew almost immediately upon going national with their services that they would shortly outgrow their ability to provide speedy order fulfillment and customer support if theye didn't change the way they take orders. In addition, Kunoco Unlimited has every ability to reach even further into the world than they already do, providing great prices along the way, if they have an online presence.

So it was Haenel Communication Technologies' Web Marketing Worx services to the rescue! Price Commander is now up and running and taking the IT world by storm with their fantastic prices, great equipment, and guys-next-door approach to support and service. If you're looking for a deal, visit them soon!

Mac's Instant Locksmith

Plattsburgh, New York's favorite locksmith, Mac's Instant Locksmith, has been in the locksmithing business for more than fifteen years. The technology of their business has changed considerably in that time, and certainly the technology of the internet has as well. So making a sudden leap into the world of having a web presence seemed to Mac's like no small nut to crack.

Fortunately for Mac's, the WMW Site Worx site management system made the abyss more of a crack to step over. Our custom design team assembled an attractive layout and color scheme, fitted especially for a great locksmith, and within a few days Mac's Instant Locksmith was Mac's Instant Website. WMW provided onsite training and assistance with understanding their new ability to market their new/established online locksmith shop.

Eastern Applied Research

Our experience with marketing industrial testing instruments made this a a fun and fulfilling project.

Eastern Applied Research is a leading distributor of Seiko XRF testing machines. The industry tends to be competitive, and given its worldwide market, is heavily dependant on web traffic and communication. It is a particularly search engine-driven field, and consequently a large part of this redesign project was making sure that all aspects of the site's construction were not only search engine-friendly, but tuned especially for rankings.

Our client was quite satisfied with the project results, having top rankings with Google, and having a professional, clean, cross-browser-compatible image by project's end. A comparison of the old site to the new site can be started at the Internet Archive's WayBack Machine.

St. Regis Nursing Home

We partnered with local firms, Clear Data Solutions and Design Delineations to fulfill the onjectives of this new website design project.

The specific nature of St. Regis Nursing Home's business, as well as their expected visitorship, contributed immensely to the pre-project planning considerations for their new website.

Accessibility and Section 508 compliance were essential, as was discovered when we suggested to St. Regis' management that it may be necessary to government requirements. So the entire site was constrcuted to meet Section 508 Accessibility Guidleines. In addition, a text-sizer utility was built into each page, making easy for visitors with vision impairment to adapt the site to their own specific needs.

Finally, our WMW Calendar application was installed as a means for St. Regis staff to keep visitors informed of regular events at the facility, and an online admission form was incorporated to enable a simpler admission application process.

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